Bizarre Reality

Empty Chaos Show


1 My Secret Garden by Marsheaux
2 Here Comes The Rain Again by Leaether Strip
3 Waiting for… (PRIDE AND FALL mix) by GINGER SNAP 5
4 Escape (Club Remix) by Essence Of Mind
5 Unafraid – Assemblage 23 Remix by Unitary
6 Erase My Heart by ES23
7 Flutter by Damsel in the Dollhouse
8 Dead When I Found Her – Threadbare by Dead When I Found Her
9 Thorn in My Flesh by X-Fusion
10 Degrade by 3TEETH
11 Neologic Spasm (Dislocated by Die Krupps) by Front Line Assembly
12 Wreath Of Barbs (Album Mix) by :wumpscut:
13 Distant Lights (feat. Kari Berg) [Studio-X remix] by DE TOT COR
14 Evilminded by DA OCTOPUSSS
15 Evil Returns (DIE SEKTOR Remix) by CEDIGEST
16 Long In The Tooth by <PIG> vs. Primitive Race
17 Christ puppet by Encrypted
18 Prosthetic Minds (iVardensphere Remix) 170127 KJAMM1644 by Hate Vessel
19 Sentient Wave Form by iVardensphere
20 Raise Your Fist (Bunker Edit) by Acylum
21 Sweet Hard Revenge (Endzeit Mix) by Psy’Aviah feat. Leaether Strip
22 Dunkelziffer (Kant Kino Mix) by [:SITD:]
23 Then I Found You (Shiv-R) by Ludovico Technique
24 Anguish by Santa Hates You
25 Come On – Go Off (Rotersand Mix) by KMFDM
26 Wake Me up Before You Go-Go (Remastered) by Wham!

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