Unnaturally Twisted

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This is Empty Chaos’ moment to snake their way into your heart and sway you to our -eccentric- values. It’s sick and twisted and violent. Other than that we’re totally G rated. The world seems far away and distorted, as if time and space have been stretched and looped and twisted out of shape. Introspect Void / Benjamin’sPlague / Stoneburner are our addiction which is quickly transforming into obsession. No matter how damaged we were by our lives, we are whole when we are together.
-Unnaturally Twisted-

1 The Diamond Sinners (KANGA Remix) by PIG
2 Dissenting Intelligence Transmission by Introspect Void
3 Whoring Whip (Aversion) by Atropine
4 Feel The Flesh by Statiqbloom
5 Faceless by Dead Lines
6 Ghost Shadows by Synthetische Lebensform
7 Shutdown by 3TEETH
8 Hell Rave by BASSZILLA
9 This Sh*t Will F*ck You Up (Ode to Combichrist) by Black Boots
10 Scream 4 Daddy by Dead Hand Projekt
11 I Wanna Be Your Dog by Cease2xist
12 Robo Sapien (Angst Pop feat. Technomancer Remix) by Die Krupps
13 Laughingstock [Decimate Mix by Cut.Rate.Box] – 8A – 7 by [:SITD:]
14 Osafa Chram by Stoneburner
15 Bloodwater by iVardensphere
16 Cog (Featuring David Thrussell Ov Snog) by Velvet Acid Christ
17 Gone Tomorrow by Aesthetische
18 Rage (Mesh – Tantrum mix) by De/Vision
19 Down by the water (PJ Harvey cover) by Leaether Strip
20 Speechless v2.0 by Red Lokust
21 This Is Invasion (NOISUF-X Remix) by Seraphim System
22 Rotten To The Core (Soliary Experiments Remix) by X-Fusion
23 Nightmare (Video Mix) by Arian 1
24 Tyrants Will Fall (Deicide remix by Demanufacturer) by Benjamin’sPlague
25 Silhouettes (KK-Rework – Kant Kino Vs. Elektro Ferret) by Kant Kino
26 Play Thing (Feat. Pete Crane Of Shiv-R) by AR12
27 Shadow with a voice (Marc Martinez remix) by Shiv-R

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