What Is Your Reality ?

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Empty Chaos is caged in a realm of implausibilities. A unique existence wrapped in a thin obsidian-transparent mist, where boundaries don’t apply. If reality differs so much from person to person, who’s to say which is more real than another. Join us in an effort to wrap our awareness around this fun house of frightening chaos and oblivion because it all exists… even if it’s in your mind.

1 Trust No Bitch by JUNKSISTA
2 Beyond The Veil of the Flesh [The CronenBorg Body Horror Mix] by Venus in Aries
3 Dirt (Anarchy Mix By Halo In Reverse) by Aesthetische
4 Kuang Eleven (Club Mix) by VENAL FLESH
5 Long In the Tooth (Praga Khan Mix) by <PIG> vs. Primitive Race
6 Discipline [AlienMachineGod Mix] by Amnestic
7 Heretic Hypocrite (Radio Edit) by Cocksure
8 Feel The Flesh by Statiqbloom
9 Fixer Fixed by Dead When I Found Her
11 D&D by Faderhead
12 The Darkness (Komor Kommando Mix) by Zombie Girl
13 A Mess Of Open Eyes by Energetic-X
14 The Tangent Universe by Hidden Rooms
15 Pain & Desire by amGod
16 The Last Walk by TEMPLER
17 You Will Pay by Benjamin’sPlague
18 When We Return To Bleiburg featuring Human Nihil and Leaether Strip by Transponder
19 Terror Followers by Antibiosis
20 Numb (Aesthetic Perfection remix) by Cyferdyne
21 Hate This (X-Fusion Remix) by Grendel
22 Surface (Club Version) by Imperative Reaction
23 Kill Or Cure by Cubanate
24 Lords Of Darkness (Endless War Mix) by Wynardtage meets Acylum
25 Last Dance by Noisuf-X
26 I Want You by Dive

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